PGMHS69  -  Focus on        CALGARY, ALBERTA

From Pina J.

This is the first of a series of web articles intended to focus on the various places that we, the PGMHS Class of 1969,  now call home.

More than 40 years after graduating from PGMHS, we live all over.  Most of us probably stayed close to the place we have always known as home.   A number of us moved away from the place where we grew up (in Santa Cruz, Pila, Lumban, Pagsanjan, etc.) and we now make our home elsewhere.  Hopefully, this feature will give us all an idea about where we now live.

 So for starters, let's travel to Calgary, Alberta, Canada  where I live with my husband Jim and daughter Elise.

Calgary, Alberta Canada

Calgary is located in the foothills of Canada's  Rocky Mountains. It now has a fairly diverse population of a little over a million people. It started out as agricultural country with a rich western heritage  but the discovery of oil in Southern Alberta in the early 1900's  started the city on its way to becoming Canada's oil capital.  Calgary still celebrates its western heritage with a ten-day festival in the summer called the Calgary Stampede.

Wikipedia has a very good write-up on Calgary so if you want to know a little bit more about the city,  click on this link.