PGMHS69  -  Focus on     Edmonton, Alberta

We are not traveling far for this edition of FOCUS ON. This month's Focus is on Calgary's rival city to the north, Edmonton, Alberta. Calgarians always say it's no contest - Calgary is a much better place to be but don't tell that to any Edmontonian (that's what residents of Edmonton are called). Our classmate, Lina (Lanto) and her husband, Floro Coralejo (who was in PGMHS Class of 1968) live in Edmonton.  

Arguably Alberta's and  definitely Edmonton's most famous attraction is also one of the largest shopping and entertainment complexes in the entire world. The West Edmonton Mall has over 800 stores, 20 movie theatres, an amusement park and indoor water park, an NHL-size ice rink, a lake, casino, and even a dolphin show. As well, the mall has a few hotels right in the heart of it all.

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and the Alberta Legislature is in Edmonton. According to Wikipedia, the city of Edmonton has a land area of 684 square kilometers, making it  bigger, area-wise, than Chicago,   Philadelphia, Toronto or Montreal. Click on this to see what else Wikipedia has to say about Edmonton.

Just to refresh you on where Edmonton, Alberta  Canada is, here's a google map:

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