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In March  2008, Malu and her husband Jay had this idea that it would be  nice if the PGMHS class of 1969 had their own place where they can gather once in a while and exchange news, views and perhaps some photographs as well. The timing was perfect - the 40th HS graduation anniversary for PGMHS69  was coming up and what better way  than the internet to gather people together to make a reunion happen.  Thus was born the PGMHS69 yahoo e-group.  We are now 48-members strong and counting. Our message board is always a-buzzing.

If you are a member of the PGMHS Class of 1969 or you went to PGMHS  with the class of 69 but due to circumstances had to leave the school to move to another or for any other reason, we would like you to join our e-group. Please click on the Yahoo Groups Join Now  icon  below to get the process started.

You would not want to miss out on the fun, would you?