PGMHS 1969  -  High School Memories

Maria  A.-S.

I could not forget when we were in second year high-school. It was New Year and was "Paskuhan"  (Jan. 6) in other towns . For whatever reason, our section ( II-3 ) had no more class in the afternoon.

One of our classmate's Mom passed away and lie in state in their residence at Labuin. Me, Delia, Alda and some classmates decided to travel to that place to pay respect and express our deep sympathy to the Bautista family without the knowledge of our loving parents. Everybody was so nervous because we bypassed our parents trust.

Despite feeling nervous, after that visit to Labuin, we continued our trip to the residence of Mr. Edgardo Collo. His loving Mom served us delicious "kakanin"  esp the "kalamay sa kawayan." Mrs. Collo gave us a very warm welcome but reprimanded us, telling us not to go to other places without permission and knowledge of our parents.

 During my last meeting with Alda this month, we recalled this fond  memory of our high -school days. We were just laughing as we discussed about it, knowing the mixed emotions our group had on that moment.

I do remember that I always wrote on the blackboard from first year to 4th high-school year as the section class secretary. My right hand was always tired sa haba ng sinusulat ko sa mga blackboard. I always borrowed Delia's notebook to copy notes. I remember our notebooks were always been checked every grading period.  I could never forget the long hand gloves that Mrs. Britania gave me and my rose corsage from Mrs. Javier as their graduation gifts for writing the lessons on the board.

Armando R.

My high school memories is my baon everyday of 50 centavos. The 50 centavos was divided into 20 centavos for transportation,10 centavos for ulam at Aling Morfa's canteen usually dinuguan, giniling and pritong galunggong. The remaining 20 centavos for merienda for the morning consist of 5 centavos for gulaman and 5 centavos for hotdog buns with giniling na toasted sa gastove with lata sa ibabaw.The owner of gulaman and giniling store is ELOY near the gate at the back of the cooperative.The remaining 10 centavos is for skyflakes or goya lollipop at community store   infront of PGMHS.Kapag ginabi na ako dahil sa practice sa PMT sa BLTB na ako sasakay dahil walang nang jeep going to Magdalena.I will borrow 5 centavos from Adelfo Talabong because the fare in BLTB bus is 15 centavos.Most of the time ay wala akong pang sinking fund kay Marilu our class treasurer kasi tama lang baon ko.

High school life is the happiest  in our lives.

Mario A.

By the time we reached the 68-69 season, our final year at PGMHS, we already bonded with friends and most of us hang around with their  prospective or their first girlfriends with fun and laughter. I remember Marso Flores taught some of us how to play guitar and Renato Oca (RIP) inspired us on our first organized sing along for fun and adventure. Fighting in Vietnam was at  its height and students in Manila started crowding the street with protests that spreaded out to the outskirts including UPLB in Los Banos, Laguna voicing their sentiments about  the war and most of all their nationalistic views.  Among other things we learned and developed in high school were our wild ways of coping up with the trend.

  It is always refreshing to reminisce how I learned and started drinking "moonshine" an oceanic type of alcohol also known as lambanog.  I can not recall all the facts how this started but I do remember once in a while, during our vacant period, somebody will come out collecting fund for our group the "VIGILS" so we could buy and  consume lambanog in the proximity of Aglipay church "looban" before our Physics class with Mrs. Sienes.  One time we all came in to class with our "chiko" smell and reddish faces that angered Mrs Sienes; she has to let us go from our class early because we must have gotten her irritated-  and that was bad!
Later in life I learned that drinking alcoholic spirits does not give our body any good and so I quit.

 By mere coincidence, on Dec. 28, 1998, Jannete Elaine, my youngest daughter with all her 3 friends died in a car accident on their way to San Jose International Airport. It's sad but its true that the culprit was a "drunk driver".

Pina J.

I remember those afternoons after class when we would go to Ideal (near Union College) for halo-halo.

I also remember Aling Naty's place. Mayroon silang goto with boiled eggs. That was good. I still do that - put eggs in my goto whenever I make it. I guess that's where I got that idea from -  Aling Naty's.

Did she charge extra for the boiled eggs? She probably did, eh? Dagdag ng singko sentimos pag may itlog.

Marilu R.-G.

We used to spend  our recess at Aling Naty's carinderia beside Sonia Isla's house. My favorite was maruya and pancit palabok.

 I remember going to Tony Cudel's house in Magdalena but could not remember what we had for merienda.

Zeny G.-W.

Aling Naty's palabok was my favorite.

I remember Tony Cudel took me to Magdalena just for the heck. I told him I haven't been to his place so he did it. His Mom fixed us such a delicious meal that day. I remember he has an older brother , also an alumnus of PGMHS.

 I also remember commuting everyday from Pila and waiting for jeepneys. Lots of hassle chasing those jeepneys. I really don't miss those days since I have several vehicles now. Still high school days are so much fun to remember.

How about those different activities we did. I remember some tragedy happened during our time in high school. Remember when several students died due to  lightning during one of our intramurals? I think it happened,  right? So much to remember but I'm thanking we are still on  this (getting old)  mother earth.
What  memories.

Dan I.

We used to go to Aling Naty's also (pag nagkataong may baon kami), with Pitong, Tom, teddy baldeo and others.
May mga pagkakataon, si Pitong and nagbabayad para sa lahat. Talagang galante siya at palaging maraming baon.

Our favorites were monay na may palamang ube or monay na may palamang dirty ice cream.

Kasama sa merienda ang mga  kuwentong patawa at kalokohan nina Pitong at Teddy. Ang saya-saya  that we really forgot na may exam pa sa susunod na subject after the recess.

  One Saturday during summer, nagkatuwaan kami nina Pitong, Ric Estrda at Tom. Kumupit kami ng 2 malalaking dalag sa bahay nina Pitong (hinuling isda ng tatay niya), Bumili kami ng tig-iisang family size na softdrink (wala pang litro or 1.5 noon).
  Nagbitbit ng sinaing sa kaldero, asin at kalamansi at naglakad kami papunta sa tabing dagat. Namulot kami ng mga siit, bunot at iba pang panggatong at inihaw namin yung dalag. Salu-salo na kami  sa dahon ng saging at kung anu-anong kuwento at usapan habang nakasalampak kami sa tabing dagat. Naubos namin ang dalag at kanin pati yung tig-iisa naming family size softdrink.
  It was already twilight when we walked home, our tummies so full, and our hearts so happy!

Cesar V.

One thing I still remember is the time we all met (Dan I., Ricardo, Tomas and I think Renato Oca, Ronnie del Barrio and others...could be Teofilo) in Columbia theater's balcony to watch Dr. No. It was during our elemetary days. I just can't remember who brought the cigarettes or cigars.

Anyway, after that you (Dan) drew a skeleton sitting with a leg across the other thigh and holding a gun...of course it is 007. That drawing is a huge hit among the guys and we all saluted your talent for drawing. If you turned up as an artist, I know you would still be very successful.

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