What Happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas..not!

On September 20, 2008, a bunch of us did meet in Las Vegas. Ruby and Jimbo. Myrna and Ed. Fe and Flong.
Lina and Floro. Alda and Romi. Feleeh and Bert. Lucy. Cesar. Pina. 

And here's what happened when we were in Vegas. 

We yakked. We ate. We yakked some more. And we ate some more. Would you believe you can have Bulalo in Vegas? Ask Ruby. She knows where you can get it. Oh and they have this place called Ito'y Sariling Atin. Good Filipino food served cafeteria-style. Thanks, Ruby and Lucy. The lunches there were great and the company was even better.

Factory Outlets, anyone?  Shop we did.  We also hit the casinos.  Some of us played the slot machines. Penny slots mostly. And yes..we saw the sights of Vegas. The fountains at  the Bellagio. The canal at the Venetian. The Eiffel Tower at Paris. The Roman statues at Caesar's Palace. With all these amazing sights, what's a group to do? Pose for pictures, of course! And that is exactly what we did.

(Photos in the slideshow are courtesy of Floro and Lina.)